We provide keynote speeches, advisory for business models and workshops using proven Behavioural Change techniques

Diversity and Inclusion

From open dialogue sessions to cognitive team development, 14 address diversity and challenge the perceptions so organisations logically, recognise the need for diversity and inclusion to be at the core of innovation and the agile workplace. Including but not limited to: race, faith, ethnicity, intersectionality to socio-economic background, age, neurodiversity and gender.

Whether you are introducing D&I, radically developing your ERG’s or ready for the next stage, we have the proven tools and solutions for a more human centric workplace.

Workplace Mental Health & Wellbeing

When employees lack the sense of belonging and motivation, it soon becomes another HR issue. The effect on wellbeing can result in employees suffering in silence, including experiences based on identity, expectations, systems and the physical environment. Our methods delve deep, using a psychologically led assessment and process. We address the cause, affect and utilise associated experiences and behavioural flexibility, where the benefits gained result in a congruent team.

Inclusive Leadership

14 provide c-suite and leaders advisory and coaching in leading a diverse workforce. Our Behavioural Change model maximise the benefits of understanding, communicating and mapping an adaptable structure for driving an inclusive organisation.

Culture & Change

Change can be a challenge when employees are influenced by subliminal messages, fear and societal influence. We work with organisations by incorporating the nuances that create positive change and deliver ROI. Empowering an organisation’s people, cultivating and embracing a culture where change and inclusion improves productivity.

Social Mobility

14’s experience, networks and community engagement projects deliver positive results for the underrepresented and disadvantaged. We guide you in introducing and improving your organisation’s social impact and social responsibility.

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Designing for Inclusion in Workplace Strategy

We have extensive knowledge, practice and understanding in the design and decision making process of a workplace environment. 14 offer advisory in the pyschological experience of space, transformation and change. We offer guidance in creating inclusive places where systems, people, and culture support the behavior and need of a client.

Cognitive Coaching

A popular session, which is performance driven and emotion led.

Faith at Work & Belief Systems in Workplace Design

Sarwat has over 20 years of lived experience in workplace culture, design and understanding of intersectionality having also lived in the Middle East. Advisory roles to several leading faith/interfaith institutions in the UK, Middle East and Australasia, women in faith leadership advisory to government, make her an expert on this subject.


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