“Be sincere and you will attain success”

Sarwat’s experience in thought leadership has made her a regular public speaker on a plethora of behavioural topics, instilling the belief of success through self evolution. She has delivered keynotes and addressed conferences within the educational, corporate, government, and faith communities across continents. Her skill in story-telling, lived experience and the ability to emotionally ignite a room, has instigated positive change for those who believed otherwise.

We will curate a talk based on the needs of your organisation. Some examples of keynotes delivered;

  • Why Diversity & Inclusion matters
  • Identity in the workplace
  • Workplace Wellbeing & Mental Health
  • The shift from People to Team
  • Evolving Communication - influence of linguistics
  • Leadership
  • Human Centric Environments
  • Diaspora & Belonging - what it really means
  • Social Value and Business
  • Inclusion in design & the built environment
  • The “Why you should never discuss…” - Understanding belief systems and strengthening your organisation


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